Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Favorite OTR

Cloak and Dagger: "Delay on Route" 10/06/50

This episode had a nice twist to it. Most of the time, the show follows an OSS agent in his/her efforts to fight directly against the Germans or the Japanese. This time, though, an agent has to save an Italian fascist from vengeful partisans.

The plot is very well-constructed. It begins in a recently liberated Italian town. We are quickly and effectively introduced to the main characters. The leader of the partisans is hanging Fascist collaborators in the town square. The OSS agent who had been working with the group for the past year disapproves--he would have preferred the men be held for a proper trial--but he respects the partisans as soldiers and understands how they feel.

That pretty effectively sets up the proper emotions for the story that follows. An industrialist and factory owner who was also a loyal fascist contacts the agent. He has valuable information that he'll trade for a trip to America and guarenteed safety. That puts the agent in the uncomfortable position of having to sneak the fascist out of town without the partisans finding out.

The story is tense and sharply written from start to finish, with both the dialogue and the acting combining to provide us with excellent characterizations. The story covers themes of such as the difference between justice and revenge, the need to sometimes act for the greater good, and the loyalty that two soldiers with a common enemy feel towards one another--even if they don't particularly like each other.

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