Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Favorite OTR

Inner Sanctum: "8 Steps to Murder" 6/4/46

This is a nifty story told--as is often the case on Inner Sanctum--from the point of view of a killer. A newspaper columnist plans to whack a theatrical producer and has blue-printed out his impending crime step by step, so that nothing can possibly go wrong. He'll have a perfect alibi, while an unsuspecting playwright will get blamed for the murder.

But you can't think of everything--even something like an unexpected rain shower can throw the entire plan off kilter. The twist at the end of this story is a very good one. It's no surprise that the killer's plans would all unravel, but the exact detail that causes his downfall is something that many listeners probably won't see coming.

This episode can be downloaded HERE.

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