Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Favorite OTR

The Lone Ranger: “Army Mules” 6/22/45

Jane Miller owns the Double-M ranch and raises mules. In fact, she just won a contract to sell mules to the Army.

Slick Wilson owns the rival Triple-W ranch and has a nefarious plan—involving altering the brands on Jane’s mules and framing her for theft—to ruin Jane and take the Army contract away from her.

Fortunately for Jane, the Lone Ranger is around. Tonto goes undercover as a cook at the Triple-W to gain information, then the Ranger comes up with a clever plan (involving re-altering the altered brands) that leads to one of those great moments when the bad guy’s plan unravels right in front of him while he stands helpless to stop it.

This is a fine story. The Ranger and Tonto get to do some action stuff at one point when they rescue some kidnapped ranch hands from the Triple-W, but it’s Slick Wilson being caught in the web of his own lies at the end that really make this episode a good one.

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