Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Favorite OTR

Rocky Jordan: "Strangers Three" 12/5/48

Rocky Jordan thinks that Angus Martin--an old partner of his--was killed in an explosion three months earlier. But when three different men accost Rocky in a single night and ask about Angus' current whereabouts, he begins to smell a live rat rather than a dead one.

Angus had broken up his partnership with Rocky by stealing $15,000. That's motivation enough for Rocky to join the hunt. But it's not long before someone takes a few shots at him. Soon after that, there's a murder and a whole lot of suddenly missing money thrown into the mix. Now Rocky has to ID a killer in order to clear himself.

Typical of the show, this is a fast-paced whodunit that combines the exotic location of Cairo with the sensibilities of the hard-boiled genre. It's well-constructed in terms of plot and well-produced in terms of special effects and the performances of the actors. And there's a pretty good twist at the end involving the identity of the real killer.

This episode can be downloaded HERE.

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