Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

The Lone Ranger: “Shotgun Gail” 8/4/44

There’s some suspenseful stuff going on this episode. A shotgun-wielding young lady holds up the Ranger and Tonto, then asks him to do a very odd thing: Sit in a house alone with a bandage covering his face and just wait out the night.

That she’s setting the Ranger up as a decoy to trick some killers is obvious. But the Ranger never turns down a chance to help someone. This leads to a really tense scene in which he and Tonto are in the house, waiting for someone to try to kill them.

Everyone’s motivations (the girl and the would-be killers) are gradually made clear as the story progresses. The attempt on the Ranger’s life is made; this leads to a gun fight in the darkness outside the house; then it all builds to a climax when the girl goes for help, but makes a very poor decision about whom she can trust.

Listen to this episode or download it HERE.

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