Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

Escape: “Blood Waters” 6/17/54

Yes, I know I’ve featured several other Escape episodes on Friday’s Favorite OTR in the last few weeks, but every once in a while, I remember just how cool a show it is and load my portable MP3 player with a bunch of episodes.

The one stars Vic Perrin as a down-and-out diver stuck doing low-paying jobs in a South American port. An old enemy—apparently the guy responsible for the diver having to leave the U.S.—offers him a job recovering treasure from a sunken ship.

The diver doesn’t want the job, quite reasonable convinced the other guy will double-cross him. But sympathy for a girl caught up in his enemy’s machinations convinces him to go along with it. When the small expedition arrives at the site of the sunken ship, he soon discovers that there is danger below the water as well as above.

The usual high production values of Escape combine with Vic Perrin’s superb job as protagonist and narrator to make this a riveting tale.

You can listen to this episode or download it HERE.

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