Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

Jeff Regan, Investigator: “The Guy from Gower Gulch” 11/13/48

This was one of several hard-boiled detective shows that Jack Webb did before it turned into police procedural territory with Dragnet. It’s not as good as Pat Novak for Hire—the one-liners aren’t quite as clever. But Webb is always fun to listen to doing hard-boiled narration and the plots were generally well-constructed.

Jeff Regan is a P.I. who works for an agency owned by Anthony J. Lyon (“They call me the Lyon’s Eye”). Lyon calls him late one night to talk to a guy in jail. The guy, who is saddled with the name Davy Crockett, wants to hire Regan to pick up a package he stashed in an alley just before he was arrested on Disorderly charges.

But someone else is looking for the package as well and is willing to play rough to get hold of it. This seems to make little sense when it turns out to be a canister of film. When Regan and Lyon watch the film, they see an innocuous travelogue about Peru.

It must be more than that, though, since there is soon murder and kidnapping taking place over it. Regan muddles along and eventually manages to pin the various crimes on the appropriate suspects. There’s a nice double-twist at the end.

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