Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

Philip Marlowe: “The Fatted Calf” 9/24/49

I love meaningless coincidences. Less than a week ago, I re-read a Nero Wolfe novella titled “The Squirt and the Monkey.” In it, the corpulent detective must solve the murder of a popular comic strip artist. One of the actual comic strips ends up being a vital clue to the mystery.

It wasn’t one of the best Wolfe stories, but pretty much any story with Wolfe and Archie Goodwin in it is still worth reading.

Then, a scant few days later, I listened to this episode of Philip Marlowe, in which a popular comic strip artist is murdered and one of his strips turns out to be a vital clue to fingering his killer.

During the 1940s, it was apparently very dangerous to be a comic strip artist. But it was equally dangerous to murder one, since a clue to your guilt will apparently be found on the comic page of your local newspaper.

Click HERE to listen or download.

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