Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New OTR episode guide available for the Kindle or Kindle app

I've made another old time radio episode guide and review available to buy for just .99. It's for the Kindle or any computer/pad/phone/etc with the Kindle app.

Fort Laramie 


  1. "For less than the price of a cup of coffee" as the old ads used to intone, I bought your FORT LARAMIE episode guide, downloading the Kindle app to my computer to do it.

    It's going to be fun listening to these programs and reading your take on them. Your introduction to the series, placing it in context, really whetted my interest. It also inspired me to take notes as I listen to series I'm enjoying, maybe to follow in your footsteps and compile an annotated guide.

    I did fall for your photograph and thought this was a Dehner series, but I'm a big fan of Raymond Burr as well (who isn't?). Now I know how he paid the bills between playing Steve Martin in GODZILLA and landing his defining Perry Mason role.

    If you're taking suggestions, I'd enjoy seeing a FRONTIER GENTLEMAN episode guide with commentary, especially as your recent post about Kit Carson on LONE RANGER indicated you know your Old West history and could clarify where the show took creative license and where it hewed close to the facts.

    Thanks again for sharing the fruits of your research, and especially at such a nice price! -- Gary in Omaha

  2. I appreciate the sale and I hope you continue to enjoy the guide. I am planning on doing some more guides and Frontier Gentleman is on the list. Not sure when I'll get to that one, but I'll post whenever I publish one.


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