Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Possible idea for a regular Tuesday post.

I have an idea for a regular series of post appearing each Tuesday tentatively titled "Watch/Read 'em in Order."

Actually, I hope to come up with a better title. The idea would be for me to take several sets of novels or B-movies. Just as an example, lets say Tarzan (the original books), Conan the Barbarian (the original stories) and Charlie Chan (the movie series). I would be reading/watching them in order.

Each Tuesday, I would post comments on which ever book or movie I last read/watched. I'd intersperse them to keep it interesting. When I finish one series, I'd pick up another to take it's place.

I'm pretty much doing stuff like this all the time anyways. A few years ago, I started re-reading all the Perry Mason books in their original publication order. (I wish I'd thought about doing posts on them at that time.) So it wouldn't be much extra work for me other than writing a few paragraphs on each one.

But I'm unsure if this is a necessary idea for this blog. If I don't do this, I''ll often end up talking about this sort of stuff on my random Thursday post anyways. A "Read 'em in Order" day might not be needed. 

Please leave a comment if you think this might be a worthwhile endeavor.

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