Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Favorite OTR

Dimension X: “Pebble in the Sky” 6/17/51

Dimension X normally adapted short stories rather than novels, but this episode is based on Isaac Asimov’s first published novel.

To fit it into a half-hour time slot, a major character and a time travel element were dropped. Also, the ending is completely changed (since the original ending needed the now-missing protagonist to make sense).

But it’s still a good story. An archeologist is visiting Earth, a radioactive part of the Galactic Empire with a population of radiation-resistant humans who are treated with open bigotry by the rest of the galaxy, though the archeologist has a crazy theory that human life originated there.

But Empire’s bigoted attitude seems likely to come back at it and bite it in the butt when a rebel Earth faction develops a devastating new weapon…

Click HERE to listen or download.

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