Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Favorite OTR

Escape: "Pressure" 3/22/53
            "Up Periscope" 8/8/51

It's a two-fer today. Here's two excellent Escape episodes that both involve World War II-era submarine warfare. In both cases, they use many of the standard tropes for this sort of story, but excellent acting, sound effects and production values make them particularly notable.

If you have a chance to listen to both, let us--just for the heck of it--have a vote on which is the better submarine story. Leave a comment with your choice.

Whoever--in my judgement--makes the best argument for which episode is better will win 100 billion dollars (payable in make-believe, invisible cash only).

Click HERE to listen or download "Pressure."

Click HERE to listen or download "Up Periscope."

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