Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday's Favorite OTR

Dimension X: "A Logic Named Joe" 7/1/50

Science fiction authors often make reasonable assumptions about future technologies, but even the best of them is only occasionally close to how things turn out. Most of the best writers didn't guess at things like personal computers, calculators or microchips.

But this episode of Dimension X, based on a short story by Murray Leinster, comes eerily close to predicting personal computers and the Internet (though many of the details are different). Of course, in the story, this happens by the far future year of 1974. And hopefully, the real-life Internet will never develop the ability to think independently and helpfully answer questions about planning the perfect murder.

Click HERE to listen or download.


  1. Exactly. Although they use an old typewriter keyboard, they ask the Logic a question just like we Google stuff we want to know about. And it's networked with other Logics. Same as in The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury prognosticated the smart phone: "the singing metal book." And the Martian turned pages with the wave of his hand, as if playing a harp. Good blog. Love otr.

    1. Could point about the singing book in The Martian Chronicles. The parallel there with smart phones and ereaders hadn't occured to me.


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