Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Kill a T-Rex

Danger and Adventure was an anthology comic published by Charlton in the 1950s. I've read a few online at and have discovered that the book is--well, it's not the pinnacle of comic book art. But even so, there's a few stories worth reading.

 The 23rd issue (April 1955) is definitely worth taking note of, though, if only because it teaches us an important lesson. If you are ever unexpectedly thrown back in time and forced to confront a hungry tyrannosaur, you will now know how to deal with him.

This is what happens to two-fisted sailor Lance O'Casey and his sidekick Mike. They are hanging out with a scientist and his bratty daughter when the daughter abruptly discovers a supposedly magic lamp really does grant wishes. Zapped back to prehistoric times, she panics and wishes that the men-folk join her. They do so, but can't figure out how to get the lamp to work again so that they can get home.

Once everyone is together, Lance Ju-Jitsu's an attacking cave man. But the cave man comes back with reinforcements.

Fortunately, Lance and Mike are pretty good in a fight.

Next up to the plate is a T-Rex, which would be pretty much immune to a punch in the jaw. It's here that Lance shows us how to handle just such a situation.

So, remember to always bring a pistol with you when you time travel. Because this really is a good method for taking out a hungry dinosaur.

Soon after this, Lance and the others figure out how to use the lamp to return to the present.

It's really not a bad story. It was a reprint, first appearing in Fawcett's Wiz Comics #103 in 1948. I have no idea how a Fawcett story got reprinted in a Charlton comic. Fawcett was gone by then, so I imagine the story was inexpensive to buy or perhaps even had dropped into the public domain.
The writer and artist are both uncredited.

I like to occasionally visit sites like comicbookplus and give something "new" a try. Danger and Adventure is far from the best the 1950s had to offer us in the comic book world, but it did give us some fun stuff. I particularly like the panel in which the protagonists see cave men riding a brontosaurus coming towards them. Even weaker comic book stories can still have moments in which they fire your imagination.

You can read the story HERE.

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