Saturday, November 19, 2016

Special note about the OTR shows I post

Over the years, I've used several different hosting services for the OTR shows I post every Friday. Each of these eventually proved unreliable in one way or the other. A few months ago, I started doing what I should have done in the first place--provide a link to the show on, where listening to it or downloading it is very reliable and straightforward.

I am gradually going back through my old posts to update the links for the old shows. This will almost always now take you to, but I've occasionally used another link when I couldn't find a specific episode at Archive.

I'll be doing this gradually over the next few months, but eventually, you'll be able to click on the Friday's Favorite OTR link on the right side of the blog, page through this and easily download any of the shows you are interested in. So far, I've finished the 2016 posts and made progress through the 2015 posts.

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