Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday's Favorite OTR

Tarzan: "Cathedral of the Congo" 9/20/51

I've been to Africa a half-dozen times as a short-term missionary, but I've been lucky. No one's ever garroted me to death.

The missionary who appears at the beginning of this Tarzan episode isn't nearly as lucky. He gets strangled by a couple of thugs about a minute into the story, caught in a dirty alley in a small town along the Nile River.

The thugs find a letter telling them who their victim is. They also learn he was planning on meeting a lady missionary just arriving in Africa--the lady is bringing funds to help build a big church in the jungle.

This leads to a nefarious plan in which one of the thugs impersonates the guy they just murdered with the hope of getting hold of the money. But their plans go awry when Tarzan takes passage on the same small river boat upon which the ersatz preacher and the lady will be traveling.

It's an effective, well-constructed story with a nice bit at the end emphasizing that the size or shape of the church doesn't matter as long as the worshipers in it are faithful. I'll have to warn my friends still in Africa about dark alleys, garrotes and fake preachers, though. Or at least tell them to make sure Tarzan is hanging around if they go out for a walk.

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