Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

Tarzan of the Jungle: “The Long Journey” 6/5/52

This is an interesting episode in that it deals with African Colonialism and shows some sympathy to Africans who were resentful of European rule—an unusual theme in Western society at the time.

A new governor is arriving to take authority over a British-controlled region. He gets a fairly violent greeting at his new post, though, when someone tosses a hand grenade at his car.

He survives that and a later assassination attempt, falsely placing the blame on another official (who happens to be friends with Tarzan.) In the meantime, his plans to fence off a large part of the jungle as a private hunting preserve ticks off the native population even more. Also, the possibility that foreign agents are involved is raised.

Tarzan’s friend is shipped back to England for a court-martial, forcing Tarzan to leave Africa also to testify on his behalf. Suddenly, it’s the Lord of the Jungle who becomes the target of assassination attempts.

Tarzan’s trip to London is handled well, showing us how uncomfortable he is in leaving the jungle, but getting a chance to show his stuff in the big city when he has to help with escaped zoo animals and chase an assassin up the Tower Bridge.

You can listen to this episode or download it HERE.

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