Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Favorite OTR

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: “Stealing Crystals” 1/3/52

Tom and two of his fellow cadets are assigned to track down the members of an interplanetary smuggling ring. This leads to them ending up as prisoners on a ship heading up into orbit. But Tom soon comes up with an innovative albeit dangerous escape plan. Like most Tom Corbett stories, this is good, old-fashioned space opera.

Click HERE to listen or download. 


  1. I read a bunch of Tom Corbett earlier this year. Good stuff.

  2. Tom has an interesting history. The show was inspired--though not directly based on--Robert Heinlein's novel "Space Cadet." Attempts to sell it as a radio show and a comic strip failed. It finally saw light on television and then became one of the few shows to start on TV, then jump to radio. (It was usually the other way around.) Tom became popular enough to also pop up in a comic strip, comic books, a series of novels and other media. I agree that the novels are still fun to read.


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