Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I bought a new microphone and now you all have to SUFFER!

My YouTube channel has largely become a repository for movie clips to be embedded here when I talk about a particular film. But I've also done a half-dozen videos in a series called "Pulp Era Video Reviews"--I'll never win a prize for my narration skills, but I have fun doing them.

Well, I just bought an external microphone for my laptop, relieving me of the necessity of recording the videos during my lunch time at work. To test the mike out, I recorded some commentary for a scene from 1950's Tarzan and the Slave Girl, then recorded some comments about various adventure cartoons made during the 1960s & 1970s. 

Usually, I write out my comments before I record narration.This time around, I didn't bother. I just did the narration stream-of-consciousness, so I tended to ramble on a bit and I'm not sure I'm always making a particular point as clearly as I should.  But these videos were made simply to test the new microphone, which turns out to works just fine.

But that leaves me with two videos that I did, after all, go to the trouble of making. So what do I do with them? I really don't want to just delete them--I had too much fun simply geeking out when I made them. Obviously, then, I must force the loyal readers of my blog to endure them. It's the only solution:

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  1. Very interesting. Your blog has so much to see and listen to! Thanks for all your hard work, I look forward to reading it bit by bit.
    Mike in FL


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