Monday, December 5, 2011

Cover Cavalcade

 Before and After. Gold Key was producing the comic Space Family Robinson, basically the Swiss Family Robinson in space.  Then CBS debuted Lost in Space in 1965, which was basically the Swiss Family Robinson in space. Gold Key started putting Lost in Space on the covers of its comic, even though it still used its own characters and vehicle designs rather than those from the TV show. Irwin Allen, the TV show's producer, didn't seem to mind and in fact Gold Key later put out comic adaptations of other Allen SF shows. Consequently, the TV version of Lost in Space never got a comic book adaptation while the show was first airing. (I believe it did some years later.)


  1. I got them all recently in a digital format and was amazed how well they held up plus quite imaginative alien scenes.

    1. Dan Spiegle was the artist. He design great looking spaceships, aliens and monsters, making this a consistently fun series.


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