Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Favorite OTR

Mr. and Mrs. North: “Milkman’s Ring” 7/15/47

Pam and Jerry North are heading home one night when they have some car trouble. A milkman in a horse-drawn cart gives them a lift, but that just leads to more trouble. A gunman holds up the cart, breaking milk bottles and stealing the milk route list.

This crime is bizarre enough, but the Norths soon stumble across a corpse.

Well, they’re pretty much always stumbling over corpses, so they handle this with their usual aplomb and begin investigating the case.

I’m not sure all the twists and turns in this case make complete sense, but we have so much fun hanging out with the Norths, that it really doesn’t matter.  Pam gets a hilarious scene in which she calls the police and tries to explain what’s going on to a hapless cop. But, as usual, it’s the seemingly ditzy Pam North who figures out whodunit.

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