Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Favorite OTR

Phillip Marlowe: “The Girl from Pitchfork Corners” 7/5/50

Marlowe is hired via a special delivery letter (which includes a $50 bill) to find out if a particular man is leaving Los Angeles on a particular train. He doesn’t find the man and reports to his client.

Not surprisingly, he stumbles across a body. What follows is the sort of complex but strongly plotted hard-boiled tale that was typical of this great show. Marlowe follows a twisting trail of blackmail that leads him to a naïve country girl. Or is she naïve?

The ending is a little contrived—the killer conveniently explains the whole plot while Marlowe is nearby listening. But the overall strength of the plot, colorful supporting characters, and a few good twists more than make up for this one minor flaw.

Click HERE to listen or download.

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