Sunday, February 15, 2015

Two Great Minds with But a Single Thought

Out of myself, my two brothers and my sister, I am clearly the Awesome Sibling. But there are occasional showings of Awesome DNA in my other relatives.

One of my nephews, for instance, recently made a really nifty video about his top 5 TV cartoon shows. He does a really professional job and provides intelligent and well-thought-out narration. So, with the his and his parents' permission, I'm sharing it here today.

I'm also including a video I made a while back about Old-School Saturday morning cartoons, so we have both the old and the new represented today.

Actually, my nephew does a better narration job than I do, since my narration is stream-of-consciousness. I made the video while practicing with new video editing software we had gotten at my work, so I was essentially just playing around. Not that this means my nephew is more awesome than me. He's close, but not quite at that level.

1 comment:

  1. Great post, really liked your video. By the way, it's pronounced "TOAth" as in toad. You probably know this by now, though.


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