Saturday, July 29, 2017

Update about Friday's Favorite OTRs

Over the years, I've used several different hosting services to share old-time radio shows on Fridays. All proved unreliable or difficult to access for at least some readers. Awhile back, it finally occurred to me that in most cases, I could simply link episodes directly to the Internet Archive. That's become my standard procedure and seems to work fine for most if not all my readers.

I have finished going back through my past Friday's Favorite OTR posts and updating the links for easier access. In a few cases, I could not find a particular episode on the Internet Archive, so I linked to a nifty site called "Old Time Radio Downloads." In either case, clicking on the link provided in any OTR post should take you directly to where you can listen or download to the specific episode I'm highlighting in each post.

There were a few very rare instances in which I could not find an episode on either of those sites, so I kept the link to my account. But for nearly all of the OTR episodes I highlight on Fridays, there should now be very easy access for you all. Click on the "Friday's Favorite OTR" link on the right side of the blog--or the label for a specific show--and have fun exploring.

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