Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now THAT'S a cool cover!!

Pretty much an average day in the life of Turok. This is one of the best images from a comic notable for magnificent cover illustrations.


  1. And the interiors were equally a bit of a letdown. Stunning cover, though. I remember the strangely unknown value that would allegedly accrue with some of these: in the mid-1970s, the Overstreet Price Guide mysteriously listed either Turok and/or Magnus current issues as having a $1.00 value. Irrational, when these were at the time 20 or 25 cents at the newsstand.Ever since, my faith in comic collecting values has been remarkably flexible and skeptical at times. The inflated prices today on certain things I bought (and were common for YEARS afterward, then at low prices)while new just makes me laugh.

  2. I think the Overstreat Guide is of even less use nowadays. Ebay and other online sources for finding back issues have made values go down for many comics.--it's just gotten too easy to find back issues now. Of coure, in some cases, comic book values still rise--note the recent sale of Action Comics #1 for over a million dollars.

  3. At a comic convention around 1978, I saw Action Comics #1 for $100 ... I couldn't persuade my mother to make that investment and purchase it.


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