Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Six Shooter: A Review and Episode Guide

I've written a review and episode guide for The Six Shooter, a Western that ran on NBC radio for 39 episodes in 1953-54. The series starred James Stewar as Britt Ponset, a "Texas plainsman who wandered through the western territories, leaving behind a trail of still-remembered legends."

Stewart played Britt in a laid-back, folksy manner that made him old-time radio's most purely likable hero. The premise of the show allowed anything from straightforward action to character drama to comedy. One week might find Britt stalking a killer through a dark canyon. The next week might find him judging a preserves-tasting contest. This show is one of the treasures of Old-Time Radio.

The link above is for the Kindle. It should be available for the Nook very soon--Barnes and Noble seems to have a much longer processing time for newly-published ebooks before they show up on their website.

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