Friday, August 5, 2011

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Rocky Jordan: “Cairo Vendetta” 8/14/49

Rocky Jordan makes one think of the movie Casablanca. Its main character is an American expatriate living in a North African city, running a nightclub.

But Rocky doesn’t have to worry about long-lost loves and Nazis. Which is just as well, since he has his hands full each week dealing with murderers, thieves and gangsters. His club--the Café Tambourine—is a magnet for people in trouble. One way or another, Rocky ends up getting involved in trouble along with them.

This was a fun show, combining an exotic location with a Film Noir sensibility. The scripts were solid, following through logically in terms of plot development.

“Cairo Vendetta” begins with Rocky being awakened late at night when someone throws a stone through his bedroom window. The stone-thrower turns out to be the local paperboy, who needs Rocky’s help with a wounded man.

The wounded man proves to be Sam Sabaaya, Rocky’s friend in the Cairo police department. Rocky patches his friend up, but Sam refuses to explain what happened to him. He also forbids Rocky to call in any other police or a doctor, or in any way get involved himself.

But the next day, when Rocky finds out that Sam has resigned from the department, he dives in head first. He starts looking for the now missing Sam, soon learning that some Italian mobsters are somehow tied up in the whole thing. He’s more determined than ever to help his friend, but is he instead being used to lead Sam into a trap?

It’s a well-written hard-boiled adventure from a first-rate series.

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