Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Favorite OTR

Escape: “He Who Rides the Tiger” 3/12/49

Escape is pretty much my favorite old-time radio show. It was an anthology show, with most episodes being adaptations of short stories that all had a theme of high adventure running through them. Stories broadcast on Escape included, but were not limited to, westerns, horror, mysteries, science fiction and stories of hunts for hidden treasures.

This episode starred William Conrad has a guy found in the Chinese jungle, delirious and emaciated. Despite the fact that he’s American (and that the war has been over for four years), he’s wearing a Japanese uniform.

He has no memory after a day in September 1941, when he’d had lunch with a friend in one of the major Chinese cities. Now it’s eight years later and he has no idea what he’s been doing all that time.

Soon, it turns out that he might (or might not) have known where an ancient Chinese art treasure is buried. He meets a woman he might (or might not) be married to. He finds out that he might (or might not) been collaborating with the Japanese during the war.

It’s a great story, with the suspenseful plot unfolding logically until it comes to an exciting conclusion. Escape was always a great show. “He Who Rides the Tiger” is just one example of this.

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