Monday, August 29, 2011

Cover Cavalcade

I haven't read this particular comic, but if it is a faithful adaptation of one of Kipling's original stories, then it looks like it's the one in which Mowgli sets a trap to take out the tiger Shere Khan.


  1. This is one of three Dell Comics adaptations of Jungle Book stories published between 1953 and '55. Four-Color #487 is based on "Mowgli's Brothers" and "Kaa's Hunting", #520 (this one) is based on "Tiger! Tiger!" (the story you describe) and "Letting In the Jungle", and #620 is based on "Red Dog" and "The King's Ankus" (reversing their original chronology). The word "faithful" is *slightly* stretching things, but as "classic comic" adaptations go they're pretty good, and you should certainly check them out.

    --Aaron G. String

  2. Thanks for the information and the recommendation. I'll keep an eye out for affordable copies on Ebay.


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