Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Favorite OTR

Suspense: "Hide and Seek" 5/13/62

Don't listen to this one if you really hate rats. The high point of this episode is when an unlucky gambler is forced to hide from a pair of hitmen in a garbage-strewn alley. Narration is provided by the great Jackson Beck (who is perhaps tied with Fred Foy from The Lone Ranger as the best narrator ever). And, boy, is that narration vivid! Especially when a big rat comes crawling out of the garbage and slowly approaches the terrified gambler. When Beck starts describing the rings on the rat's tail and the fleas crawling across its fur, your skin is guaranteed to crawl. You'll check for rats under your bed before going to bed tonight. You WILL be creeped out.

Can the luckless gambler suppress his loathing of rats as the ugly thing approaches him? Or will he give way to panic and allow the killers to find him?

Suspense was only a few weeks away from cancellation--the last of the shows left over from the Golden Age of Radio--when this episode aired. It is vivid proof that Suspense remained one of radio's finest shows right up until the end.

You can listen to this episode or download it HERE.

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