Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Favorite OTR

The Adventures of Sam Spade: “The Mad Scientist Caper” 7/25/48

Sam is hired by a scientist to investigate a patent infringement. Trouble comes in two ways. First, the scientist just might be nuts. Second, someone starts blowing up those involved in the case with time bombs. It’s all so nuts that even Sam briefly gets committed.

The sound on this one is a little whobbly in a few places, but it’s such a fun episode I’m posting it anyways.

Click HERE to listen or download.


  1. I've been loving the OTR episodes you post, especially the Suspense series which is a revelation to me - I hadn't heard it before. Is it possible to still include links for these episodes to download? Thanks!

  2. I'm able to download by double-clicking on the embedded player. But if anyone is having trouble downloading the radio shows, let me know via a comment and I'll also go back to adding a direct link to the file.

  3. Double-clicking on the player works!


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