Monday, June 22, 2015

Cover Cavalcade

I've always liked the original design for Klingon ships.


  1. Great cover! And yes, I also much prefer the original ships as well as the original look of the Klingons. John Colicos as Kor in "Errand of Mercy" is the first and quintessential Klingon (with Michael Ansara in "Day of the Dove" a close second). I disliked those football foreheads they added in the motion pictures. And casting Reverend Jim from TAXI as a menacing Klingon? Oy!

    1. I'm not as critical of Star Trek 3 and Doc Brown as a Klingon as some are, though the movie as a whole is weak when compared to Wrath of Khan. I do agree that Colicos as Kor was fantastic. Ansara (and William Campbell as Koloth in Trouble with Tribbles) were also great. You probably know that it was hoped to have Kor return as a reoccurring nemesis, but that never worked out, so we ended up with Campbell and Ansara taking turns. Kirk ticked off a lot of Klingon captains in his time, didn't he?


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